Join us

Join the Yan lab and have some micro-fun everyday! We are looking for creative scientists with an open mind. We welcome young researchers from all disciplines. We believe that mother nature does not know the boundary between biology, physics, and engineering. As long as you love beautiful images and movies, come and talk to us!

Here is a link to a specific position.

Graduate students: Struggling with what to do for your PhD? We are excited to host you in the new lab. Please contact Jing directly if you like to learn more about potential projects.

Postdoctoral fellows: Thinking about launching your career in quantitative biology? We offer exciting projects and an interdisciplinary environment with a mixture of biologists, engineers, physicists, and chemists. Applicants should send a brief research summary and a current CV with at least two references to

Post-graduate trainees: Haven’t decided what to do next? You can gain more lab experience here and get better prepared for your next step. Contact Jing directly with a brief description of your training background.

Undergraduate students: Ready to have some lab experience? Take a look at the new lab and we will put you on the wildest project.