Principal Investigator

Jing Yan, Ph.D.

Jing Yan is an Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology with an affiliation in the Quantitative Biology Institute at Yale University. His trajectory in Science is a random walk. He received his B.S. in Organic Chemistry at Peking University, working on organic electronics with Jian Pei. He did his Ph.D. research with Steve Granick at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on soft matter physics. With training in chemistry and materials physics, he stumbled into microbiology at Princeton as a postdoctoral researcher, working with Bonnie Bassler, Howard Stone, and Ned Wingreen.  Outside of the lab, he is an avid board game player and collector.  

Postdoctoral Fellows

Japinder Nijjer, Ph.D.  Charles Revson Senior Fellow

JP comes to us from Toronto via Cambridge, UK. He did his undergraduate degree in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto and his PhD in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge. When he is not doing science you can catch him at the foosball table mastering his pull shots or on the basketball court perfecting his air balls.  

Jung-Shen Benny Tai, Ph.D. Damon Runyan Fellow.

Trained as a physicist, Benny obtained his BS and MS degrees from National Taiwan University and received a PhD degree from University of Colorado Boulder. He decided to dive into the intriguing biofilm matrix after having much fun in studying liquid crystals and topology. In his leisure time, Benny likes to go hiking, do yoga, and enjoy vegan food.

Alexis Moreau, Ph.D.

Alexis received his undergraduate degree in Immunology and Microbiology from Montpellier University (France). His M.Sc. research was performed at Princeton University, working on bacterial biofilms. Then Alexis decided to dive into interdisciplinarity. He got his PhD in Biophysics from Aix-Marseille University (France) in 2021, working on the dynamics of red blood cells (RBCs) in biomimetic splenic slits. Outside of research, Alexis is found of sports: biking, hiking, running… He also plays guitar and drums.

Graduate students

Xin Huang

Xin got her B.S. degree in Chemistry from Nankai University in 2019, focusing on synthetic methodology with Prof. Gong Chen. She is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Chemistry, specifically Chemical Biology at Yale. She enjoys grocery shopping, cooking, and of course, eating delicious food.

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Post-baccalaureate researcher

Katherine Hutcheson

Kate recently graduated from West Chester University with a B.S. in Biology with a focus in Microbiology. During her undergraduate career, Kate researched microbial evolution, with special focuses on complement resistance and biofilm formation. While not in the lab, Kate enjoys hiking, baking, playing board games, and caring for her plants. 

Undergraduate researchers

Cecilia Chak

I am a junior in Benjamin Franklin college and am from northern California. In my free time, I enjoy reading action-adventure fantasy and sometimes classics novels. I also like hiking and pressing flowers.

Shreya Pathak

Shreya is a junior in Morse College, originally from Gainesville, Florida. While she is not studying/doing research, Shreya loves to sing, garden, and go salsa dancing. 


Thomas Nero, postdoctoral researcher. Currently a senior scientist in Arrantia Bio. 

Qiuting (Rachel) Zhang, postdoctoral researcher. Assistant professor start soon.

Zhaowei (Zoey) Jiang, postgraduate researcher. Currently a graduate  student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Brown. 

Robin Gallagher, undergraduate researcher. Currently a Veterinary assistant in Grace Park Animal Hospital. 

Catherine Geigel, undergraduate researcher. 

Haoran Lu, undergraduate reseacher. Currently a graduate student in the Department of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell. 

Beth Reed, undergraduate researcher. Currently an undergraduate student at Washington and Lee University majoring in Physics and Biology.

Mengqi Zhao, undergraduate researcher. Currently a graduate student in the Department of Physics at the University of Science and Technology of China.